Being a big foodie, I know the importance of comfort food. Whenever you’re feeling low or sad, you resort to eating your favorite foods. Casseroles are nothing if not comfort food. But generally the white sauce, the cheese and the butter which is used liberally in casseroles make them an unhealthy choice. But at that point people just don’t care!

Well here’s a healthy tuna casserole which tastes just as great, but is amazingly low on the calories. Enjoy!

Healthy Tuna Casserole

Elbow macaroni (whole wheat) – 1 and a quarter cups
Mushrooms ( stalks included)- 1 can
Processed Cheese from skimmed milk – 3 thin slices
Reduced – fat Cream of Mushroom Soup – 1 can
Canned Tuna – 1 can (make sure the tuna is rinsed and drained before you use it)
Raw, chopped onions – 1 medium
Fat-free milk – 3⁄4 cup
Celery seed or paprika to taste


Heat oil in a non-stick pan and add the chopped onion to it. Fry the onions until they glisten and become translucent.Prepare the macaroni according to the instructions on the pack.Spread the onions on a casserole dish. Then drain the macaroni free of water and add to it the tuna, the mushrooms, the mushroom soup and the milk.Mix well so that the mixture becomes uniform and then add this mixture to the casserole dish.Cut the cheese slices and then spread them on the casserole. Garnish with the paprika or celery seeds.Bake this in an oven at a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the mixture uncovered. Voila your simple tuna casserole is ready to eat! Serve hot with garlic bread. But more health conscious people can skip that and eat this casserole by itself!

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