If you are one of those men who has slowly grown from muscle to mush as you have traveled through your mid-life crises; you may want to consider a colon cleansing diet to help burn some of that extra fat that has settled on your mid section.

Why a Colon Cleanse?

Did you know that every single day you are ingesting chemicals, toxins and other harmful substances into your body regardless of what you are eating or not eating?

There are toxins in the air we breathe, medications we take, and the food we eat. This, along with the generally unhealthy diet of many Americans, is one of the number one causes of clogged colons and slow, unhealthy digestion.

Starting a colon cleanse diet will help to remove all of the junk that has been hanging out in your intestines. Not only will this help with digestion, but it has been proven to remove fat as well.

Getting Started

A colon cleanse diet can be a hard thing to start, especially if you are accustomed to eating out often.

If you are someone that goes out to eat every lunch break and even sometimes for dinner, STOP. The foods they serve at fast food and even sit down restaurants are many times loaded with additives, beef growth hormones, and chemicals.

Instead, start eating fresh homemade meals. Organic foods are best, however, we do understand that buying organically can be expensive. So, as long as you stick with the high fiber foods we are suggesting, forgoing organic is acceptable.

It is also important to stay away from drinks that include caffeine or alcohol.

High Fiber Foods

Fiber is an essential part of your everyday diet, however, many people do not get nearly enough of it in their daily diet. Fiber stays in your colon and allows it to properly dispose of the many toxins that threaten your health.

There are plenty of foods that are rich in fiber. Below is a list we have compiled to help you as you make the switch to a healthier, high fiber, diet. Foods marked with an asterisk require cooking.

– Fruits: Apples (with skin), Bananas, Figs, Pears, Raspberries and Strawberries.

– Grains: Black beans*, Bran cereal, Brown rice, Flax seeds, Garbanzo Beans*, Kidney Beans*, Lentils, Lima Beans*, Rolled oats, Quinoa*, Whole-wheat pasta*,Soybeans*

– Vegetables: Avocado, Beet greens, Broccoli*, Cabbage*, Carrot*, Sweet Corn, Green Beans, Kale*, Peas*

Eating these foods will help aid your colon by adding to the fiber store found there, making it much easier for it to dispel toxins and fat.

You can’t forget to drink plenty of water and to exercise in conjunction with the colon cleanse diet for a more effective fat burn.

Supplement for Support

For additional fat burn and colon cleansing check out the best diet pills on the market right now. For under $40 you can purchase a two step colon cleanse that will rid your body of toxins using its proven advanced cleansing system, made from 9 tested ingredients.

This top rated cleanser, PhenQ, follows with step two: the advanced body purification. The advanced body purification adds 25 perfectly blended detoxifiers, purifiers and replenishers to help clean vital organs and replenish nutrients stripped durin


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