PhenQ helps you lose weight and feel great!

With many of us looking to lose excess weight gained over XmasPhenQ, the brand new formula of one of last years best selling clinically proven slimming pills many be the answer your looking for.

The original Capsiplex helped slimmers shed calories fast by harnessing the properties of chili peppers. Studies showed Capsiplex’s amazing ability to burn an extra 278 more calories a day, even at rest.

The original Capsiplex slimming pills sold out in the first 3 days after release due to the massive media attention, with over 50,000 packs being sold, many to celebrity customers.

What are PhenQ slimming pills?

So what’s new in PhenQ? Well the manufacturers have add two additional ingredients to the proven original formula help boost its weight management abilities to the max.

Benefits of PhenQ

Boost metabolism so you burn more calories, event at restGently suppresses the appetite, so you feel fuller for longerReduce carbohydrate intakeEnhances your mood, so you feel great while losing weightQuick absorption ingredients, so it gets to work fast!

Like the original, PhenQ slimming pills ensure you experience no side effects by using a special coating that ensures the ingredients do not cause any throat or gut irritation, like inferior chili slimming pills.

Why should try PhenQ?

Trying to lose weight can seem never ending process and its easy to become disheartened.

PhenQ works to address this by including extra natural ingredients that work to give you a more positive outlook to weight loss.

The new ingredients in PhenQ (5-HTP and Bioperine) have been shown to have a positive effect on sleep, mood, anxiety, appetite and carbohydrate control.

Both 5-HTP and Bioperine are not normally found in the foods we eat, so PhenQ gives you a massive 1,000mg dose for full effect!

PhenQ diet pill is available over the counter without prescription. Due to a number of imitation and lower quality versions of the original Capsiplex being sold on eBay we recommend that you purchase your supply of PhenQ directly from the official website.

Prices for PhenQ vary depending upon the number of months supply purchased. One months supply costs £42 per box, we found the best value deal was purchasing 3 months supply as you receive 1 box free, including a box of c-plex60 carb blockers!