PhenQ Reviews (June, 2019)


PhenQ is an efficient and effective weight loss supplement that promotes increased calorie burn and helps a dieter burn more than 270 calories in less time than it would take to burn the same amount of calories while jogging. 

Using PhenQ on a regular, daily basis, will allow the dieter to see weight loss results within a week of beginning the program.

Developing a healthy meal plan, making wise food choices by choosing foods high in fiber and low in calories will make the weight loss cycle more effective. It is not mandatory to exercise, but every weight loss plan benefits from a moderate exercise plan.

The exercises can be everyday tasks performed around the house such as gardening or mowing the lawn.

Even a bicycle ride or walk around the neighborhood will provide a level of activity to help promote weight loss.

PhenQ – Voted Number 1 Natural Diet Pill

With many of us looking to lose excess weight gained over Xmas PhenQ, the brand new formula of one of the last years best selling clinically proven slimming pills may be the answer your looking for.

What are PhenQ slimming pills?

So what’s new in PhenQ? Well, the manufacturers have added two additional ingredients to the proven original formula to help boost its weight management abilities to the max.

phenq reviews

Benefits of PhenQ

  • Boost metabolism so you burn more calories, event at restGently suppresses the appetite, so you feel fuller for longer
  • Reduce carbohydrate intake
  • Enhances your mood, so you feel great while losing weight
  • Quick absorption ingredients, so it gets to work fast!

Like the original, PhenQ slimming pills ensure you experience no side effects by using a special coating that ensures the ingredients do not cause any throat or gut irritation, like inferior chili slimming pills.

PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ is an all-natural combination of red pepper extract, caffeine, black pepper extract, and niacin. The mixture is a fat-fighting, calorie-burning, weight loss machine that works efficiently and effectively. The weight loss product has become a popular program to follow and is often recommended by weight loss specialists and personal trainers.

Capsicum, red pepper extract, the main ingredient in PhenQ, has been proven to burn more than 270 calories a day on its own. It takes one hour and 20 minutes of walking at 2 miles per hour and 20 minutes of running at 6 miles per hour to burn 270 calories. If those 270 calories are not burned every day, weight gain will happen at the rate of 25 pounds per year. Using PhenQ will allow a dieter to dispatch those 25 pounds quite easily.

The clinical studies PhenQ has been subjected to have proven the mixture effective in burning calories and being the catalyst for weight loss. The mixture is proven to give metabolism an uptick, making it work more efficiently.

Unlike most weight-loss supplements, PhenQ does not contain large amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is known to cause jittery nerves, sleeplessness and the inability to focus. Capsiplex increases energy with an all-natural application with no worry of side effects such as sleeplessness or jittery nerves.

Because of the spiciness of capsicum, some users might be sensitive to the spice. To avoid intestinal irritation, the manufacturer has developed a coating for the supplement that prevents any irritation. The coating also inhibits the rate of digestion, which optimizes the results.


This ingredient serves as a stimulator that decreases tiredness, boosts mental abilities, improves clarity and concentration. It also has a notable thermogenic potential meaning that the internal temperature grows and contributes to slenderizing. In addition, it suppresses the hunger feeling and prevents you against uncontrolled food consumption. According to the study in women, the intake of caffeine enhances overall energy expenditure. As a result, the fat percentage in the body drops.

Chromium Picolinate

This PhenQ ingredient is very helpful for muscle development, elimination of fat storages, and optimization of carbohydrate metabolism. That’s why Chromium Picolinate improves strength training gains. It was clinically backed that this compound participates in transporting glucose from blood into cells where glucose in its turn contributes to the release of energy from proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Also, the study discovered that the Chromium Picolinate intake promoted a much greater success in the body weight decrease as opposed to the intake of a placebo.

Why should try PhenQ?

Trying to lose weight can seem never-ending process and it’s easy to become disheartened.

PhenQ works to address this by including extra natural ingredients that work to give you a more positive outlook to weight loss.

The new ingredients in PhenQ (5-HTP and Bioperine) have been shown to have a positive effect on sleep, mood, anxiety, appetite and carbohydrate control.

Both 5-HTP and Bioperine are not normally found in the foods we eat, so PhenQ gives you a massive 1,000mg dose for full effect!

PhenQ diet pill is available over the counter without prescription. Due to a number of imitation and lower quality versions of the original Capsiplex being sold on eBay we recommend that you purchase your supply of PhenQ directly from the official website.

Prices for PhenQ vary depending upon the number of months supply purchased. One month supply costs £42 per box, we found the best value deal was purchasing 3 months supply as you receive 1 box free, including a box of c-plex60 carb blockers!

Does PhenQ diet pills work for everyone?

It would be impossible to claim that one product will work for every single person who uses it. However, if you look at the ingredients and what they do, and check out the studies that prove those ingredients work, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why PhenQ wouldn’t work for you. Plus the fact that it is recommended you take it in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and some exercise (the age old methods of weight loss) we are pretty confident that you can expect to see some serious weight loss results. If you follow the program and stick with it for as long as it takes (depending on the amount of weight you need to lose) then it should work for you.

Customer feedback for PhenQ

When writing for this website we carefully researched this product and specifically looked for real PhenQ reviews to see what customers thought of it.

Of all the products we have researched, this diet pill seems to be one of very few that consistently gets good feedback and positive reviews. We learned the following from reading customer comments:

• Customers are happy that PhenQ only contains quality FDA approved ingredients (no banned substances), and therefore there are no side effects. The product is completely safe to use.

• Although some people lost weight faster than others, all agreed that when taking the supplement in conjunction with one of the free diet plans that they DID lose weight. Results of course are dependent on your current height, weight, age etc.

• PhenQ reviews told us that customers were happy with their results and many after years of trying were finally after reaching their goal weight.

How much weight will I lose with PhenQ?

This depends on a number of factors including your current weight, height, age etc. however it is estimated that PhenQ can help you lose 3-5lbs per week if you follow the program correctly (take the supplement daily and follow a basic healthy balanced diet and exercise). That’s up to 20lbs a month, which is so much faster than trying to lose weight with diet and exercise alone.

The most important thing to remember about this product is that a) it works, and b) it really is safe – there are no side effects and you don’t need to worry about risking your health just to lose weight.

PhenQ Dosage

The PhenQ supplement is taken once a day with a glass of water 30 to 60 minutes before a workout. It is recommended to eat a well-balanced diet, but It is not mandatory to count calories. Eating in moderation will help expedite weight loss.

Of course, the less food that is consumed the more weight will be lost. It will not help the weight loss program if meals are devoid of calories.

A suitable calorie count for a weight loss program is at least 800 to 1,000 calories per meal.

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When you’re looking for a legal pill that can burn your fats, go for PhenQ. It’s a safe replacement to Phentermine. Users have shown an average of 10 pounds being shed off just within 2 weeks. It’s very effective that customers continue to take this safe and effective diet pill.

Where Is It Possible to Buy PhenQ?

You can buy the authentic, truly reliable PhenQ only on the official website of the manufacturer. The payment methods include the use of MasterCard or Visa.

You should never buy the supplement from eBay or Amazon since there are no guarantees that these products are not counterfeit pills.

Though these pills may cost less, you expose your health to risk when purchasing them.

And in this case, you will not be able to lose weight.

Is There Any Order Protection?
The manufacturer applies 2048-bit encryption in order to guarantee the complete security of the ordering process. This order protection level is identical to that one offered by the most reputable banks.

Is There Any Refund Policy?
There is a money-back guarantee valid for 60 days without any restrictions which fully protects your money and allows you to get rid of extra pounds without spare troubles and worries. To get a refund, you just should send back your unused order preserving the initial packaging within the period of 67 days since the date you got the product. In this case, you will get the entire sum of money you spent on the supplement back. Moreover, the manufacturer will even refund the back shipping cost.


Sara Parker, Content Manager, has tried over 40 diet supplements including PhenQ. Previously, she managed 2 supplement brands.